Welcome to scottrozman.net. I'm putting together this site with a couple things in mind.

It is a place for me to try out new web development techniques such as various Sitefinity tweaks - I've been using the CMS in my job as a developer with MERIT, but have not had the need to mess certain pieces yet, including using it for blogging.

SEO tests - getting traffic to this site is not critical, yet I've spent a fair amount of time trying different settings to make the site more crawler-friendly and have been able to on a micro-scale see how these changes have affected how the site is ranked according to some online SEO tools. I am able to directly apply what I learn to the sites I develop.

It is also a place to organize web developer resources that I like on-line. Often I may spend a considerable amount of time to track down the answer to a specific issue. That research process may uncover lots of useful urls related to the topic, with perhaps only one or two urls that contain the specific answer. When possible I'll try to document them here, so they are available to me as well as other developers in the future.

I've started this site with just one of the starter templates included with the Sitefinity Community edition, and has been adjusted little by little as time permits. It is currently running Sitefinity 3.7, but I hope to migrate to 4.0 when a community version is available. We will be using 4.0 enterprise in my job with the School of Education and it is really helpful to supplement my learning on my personal site with a similar product.

This website is currently being hosted with Arvixe.