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  • SQL Instance Connection String Issues

    Recently, we have started moving our MSSQL production databases to another server which has multiple instances of SQL server.

    I've been trying to get things to connect from a .NET web app with little success.

    I found a great blog post which has been updated over time to include more details regarding the exact issue I've encountered.


    One potential issue is with the port used to communicate between the web and SQL server. Instances ...

  • How-to Scheduled Backup in MS SQL 2005

    I just had to set this up, so thought I'd save this video resource and this link to Microsoft documentation.


  • Search Results Ordering Issues with "A, An, The"

    In my book search results, we wanted to order the results by the book's title when doing a person search.

    The problem is that "A, An, The" affect the ordering.

    After digging around for some ideas, I found some relevant ideas on a page about mySQL and then decided to first create a new column called fldSortTitle which would be a copy of fldTitle.

    I would then have to update rows starting with "A, An, ...

  • Book Searching with FREETEXTTABLE

    For full text index searching through a collection of books I chose to use FREETEXTTABLE after trying a variety of different search methods. This leverages a search index, respects a list of stopwords (also called noisewords) and shows the results in a ranked order, not the order they appear in the database or some other irrelevant method.

    Here is the stored procedure I'm using to implement one of three different types of searches, based on ...

  • Full Text Stoplists in SQL 2008

    I'm using the full text indexing capabilities of SQL 2008 for some book searching capabilities on a library website. One benefit of using this over the options in previous version of SQL server is that it will also make use the particular language you are working in and provide search results on synonyms (using its thesaurus) as well as exact match of words.

    Straight out of the box, a new full text search will use ...