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  • The TR tag and borders

    Yesterday, I was trying to apply a top border on a table row, but no matter what I could not get it show up.

    I could change the background color of the rows in question using a particular class, but trying to change border properties would not work.

    .dirTable tr {border-top:1px solid gray; border-left:none; border-right:none; border-bottom:none; margin: 0; padding: ...

  • CSS Minification

    Nice online minifier here:


  • ASP ImageButton Transparent PNG 'Quirk'

    I ran into a transparent png calendar icon which I was using fine on one page over a white background that for some reason showing up with a gray background.

    My background color was #FFFFFF or 255, 255, 255 and the area around my transparent PNG was showing up as 245, 245, 240.

    Since I was using an <asp:ImageButton>, I was able to fix the problem by setting the BackColor="Transparent" attribute.

    I'm guessing that this ...

  • Flash CSS Layering Issues

    I had a UserControl that I built to add Flash content (not videos) to pages within Sitefinity.

    As it turns out, Chrome and Opera browsers were always displaying the Flash on the top, even over the drop-down menus of my RadMenu (Sitefinity Menu).

    A quick search yielded a wmode parameter for Flash Player.

    http://www.actionscript.org/forums/showthread.php3?t=105396 which sent me to an Adobe page with the code I needed.

    For the object tag:

    <param name=...

  • Z-index problems with the RadMenu

    I was running into issues where my RadMenu (Sitefinity SiteMenu) would show up behind other elements I had on the page. This issue was only showing up in IE7, not IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc.

    This ended up being related to a problem I had earlier with the RadMenu not staying behind another menu which used the AJAX Control Toolkit hover menu extender. Here is the thread from Sitefinity.com.

    Since I had set the ...

  • Auto-adjusting Menu Padding

    To get around the problem of fonts rendering differently between Mac and PC, I've used some CSS-modifying javascript to basically adjust the padding of my horizontal menu cells to take up the remaining horizontal space, but no more. Previously, my PC would show a menu that would take up less than the full width I wanted to use or my Mac would be line-wrapping my menu onto 2 rows. This solution adds left and right ...

  • CSS for RadTree and RadMenu in Sitefinity

    In Sitefinity, you will find the RadTree packaged as a Site Treeview and the RadMenu packaged as a Site Menu control.

    Telerik has done a great job of provide RadMenu CSS documentation and RadTree Controlling Appearance documentation.

    Both of these controls have embedded styles associated with them through Sitefinity and will generally show up as a separate stylesheet referenced something like this.


    These embedded styles can be disabled using two setting in Sitefinity....

  • Scrollbars all the time!

    It can be quite annoying to have some pages on your website that don't require scrolling and others that do since a template that is supposed to be centered on the page will shift back and forth depending on whether the automatically displayed scrollbar is present or not.

    This little bit of CSS will take care of that problem by displaying a scrollbar all of the time.

    html {
        overflow: -moz-scrollbars-vertical;
        overflow-y: ...