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  • Sitefinity Sitemap.XML HttpRedirect

    After setting up the Sitefinity Toolkit Sitemap, I had the idea of trying to make it so crawlers would find it as sitemap.xml. Sitemap.ashx works, but you need to manually tell the search engines where it is.

    My first thought was to write an exact match URL redirect rule, making use of the URL rewriting module in IIS.

    I set this up, but always got a page not found error.

    On Scott Hanselman's site, ...

  • iCalendar from Sitefinity

    I found an interesting post on Joseph Guadagno's Blog with some classes to download for dealing with iCalendar. I haven't had a chance to play with this one, but have been using the handler from the Add To Calendar Control by Code Scene. Since the Outlook and iCal versions both used the iCalendar format and the Google version stopped working for me (I'm not sure what happened, it worked when I first set up... ...

  • Custom RSS Handlers for Sitefinity

    I had the need for RSS feeds in Sitefinity that were customized, based on specific category and specific outlet (outlet was my own meta data added to create news or events that would be fed to a particular website from our main news/events hub site).

    There are probably better ways to do this, such as creating a custom RSS provider in Sitefinity, but after researching that and trying to get some examples working, I decided ...