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  • Avoiding Bot Errors with Sitefinity

    I am using the Sitefinity Toolkit to create a sitemap.ashx. This has been referenced in my robots.txt files. Since we added ELMAH to our sites, I've noticed quite a few

    System.Web.HttpException: The file '/sitemap.ashx' does not exist.

    errors. (Hard to ignore when they are being emailed to me.)

    I also happen to have an httpRedirect configured for /sitemap.xml to /sitemap.ashx.

    All of these errors about the sitemap have to do with Yandex, which is a ...

  • Sitefinity Sitemap.XML HttpRedirect

    After setting up the Sitefinity Toolkit Sitemap, I had the idea of trying to make it so crawlers would find it as sitemap.xml. Sitemap.ashx works, but you need to manually tell the search engines where it is.

    My first thought was to write an exact match URL redirect rule, making use of the URL rewriting module in IIS.

    I set this up, but always got a page not found error.

    On Scott Hanselman's site, ...

  • Sitefinity Sitemap

    I just set up the Sitefinity Toolkit Sitemap.

    It seems to work as advertised, but since this site has minimal navigation, it doesn't do much compared to a manually maintained sitemap.xml file.

    I'm curious as to what the norm is for blog posts and sitemaps. Since each post has its own URL, they could technically be in the sitemap, but since new ones show up on a blog page, they would be found, if ...

  • SiteMap.xml

    For more information on the protocol visit:


    If you need to convert an Asp.Net web.sitemap to sitemap.xml, check out some tools like this project on SourceForge.