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  • Sitefinity 4.x Script Management

    Today, I was troubleshooting a widget that I created which uses jQuery with the popeye plugin. My masterpage had a reference to a copy of jQuery that I am hosting on a static domain referenced by multiple websites... like using a CDN, but just have a single server.

    When in the backend of Sitefinity, they are using jQuery, so there was a conflict loading multiple copies of jQuery and my widget would not display.

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  • Using Silverlight with Cross-Domain Resources

    I have a video player in Silverlight (.xap file) that is sitting on a particular sub-domain (i.e. cdn.scottrozman.net) that I wanted to be able to use from another sub-domain (i.e. www.scottrozman.net).

    It seems to work fine... and I assume it is the case because sub-domains must be trusted, however there if I request the .xap using https instead of http (and my page is requested via http), the player does not show up.

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