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  • Using Silverlight with Cross-Domain Resources

    I have a video player in Silverlight (.xap file) that is sitting on a particular sub-domain (i.e. cdn.scottrozman.net) that I wanted to be able to use from another sub-domain (i.e. www.scottrozman.net).

    It seems to work fine... and I assume it is the case because sub-domains must be trusted, however there if I request the .xap using https instead of http (and my page is requested via http), the player does not show up.

    Here are ...

  • Changing Sitefinity's Silverlight Media Player

    I've found a few things about the video player in Sitefinity 3.7 that don't work the way I'd like.

    So, since the full version of the Telerik Silverlight Media Player is not currently included in Sitefinity, there is no way to customize the actual player, only the template that displays the player.

    I found the Microsoft Silverlight Media Framework to be an interesting option and prefer the look of the default player that is built ...

  • Videos in Sitefinity

    Video Encoding

    Due to problems with the Quicktime plugin working properly on 64 bit versions of Windows (Vista and Win7), I decided to do some further testing with the built-in capabilities for video support in Sitefinity.

    One of the first big hurdles I ran into was a decent reliable way to convert Quicktime DV-NTSC .mov files to .wmv where the audio worked properly or that the conversion wouldn't just crash. Since this was still somewhat ...