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  • Ensuring Unique Control IDs in Sitefinity

    I had a control which used the Ajax Control Toolkit hover menu extender, but once I dragged on multiple copies of my control in Sitefinity only the first would work properly.

    When looking at the source code of my rendered page, the ID of each of the pieces of my control were identical for each instance. I believe this wouldn't be an issue outside of Sitefinity, so I turned first to the Sitefinity forum to ...

  • Custom RSS Handlers for Sitefinity

    I had the need for RSS feeds in Sitefinity that were customized, based on specific category and specific outlet (outlet was my own meta data added to create news or events that would be fed to a particular website from our main news/events hub site).

    There are probably better ways to do this, such as creating a custom RSS provider in Sitefinity, but after researching that and trying to get some examples working, I decided ...