After close to 20 years evolving through different communication and IT-related titles with the University of WI-Madison School of Education, I have plans to relocate to Chicago by the end of summer 2011. My wife starts a new position at the University of IL at Chicago, so I am faced with the exciting prospect of finding a new position myself.

I hope to find something where I can continue to build on my work as a web application developer and also leverage some of my experience and skills as an interactive multimedia developer, video producer and  coordinator of technology resources.

My resume is posted here as a PDF file for the convenience of anyone who may be interested in someone with my skill set in the greater Chicago area.

The Portfolio page on this site contains information about web development projects that I've worked on during the past 2-3 years and also contains links to the live sites.

Thank you for your interest in my resume and for visiting my site!