Web Work Samples

ELPA website thumbnail

The Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis website is the first academic department site that is using our new template, built in Telerik's Sitefinity CMS. I was the lead developer on this site, working on CSS, building the ASP.NET master pages, and building custom web user controls. Customizations to the CMS were done in C# and many of the user controls were done in VB.NET. The ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit was used as were a few jQuery plugins to enhance the user interface. Personal bio information is brought in using LINQ to XML, connecting to RESTful web services. News and calendar data comes in via RSS and was generated with custom handlers on a main news site also in Sitefinity.

Common Read website thumbnail

The Common Read website is an example of how we are using the School of Education's web template with multiple themes.

We restructured our CSS structure around the ability to support sites like this, keeping our layout, content and theme(colors and images) separate, yet housed centrally, so we can update pieces in one place an affect multiple sites using the template. 

MERIT website thumbnail

The MERIT (Media, Education Resources and Information Technology) website was more than a web development project. After a merging of 3 departments, we needed to re-evaluate the content from 3 websites, combine them into a single website and make it reflect a single department. Additionally, we were developing the MERIT brand, so went through the process of logo design, color selection and finding a consistant style.

This was the first site we developed in Sitefinity and I played a major role in getting through that process.

I also developed quite a few email forms for this site, which all use ASP.NET validation and make use of Sitefinity's spam protection.

EPA website thumbnail

EulaliaPuigAbril.net was a small site developed from scratch and contains basic built-in content management features. It uses standard ASP.NET membership, which was set up to use XML instead of SQL server. Additionally, the content of the pages is stored as XML data and edited using the Jiffycms HTML Editor. The choice to use XML was to keep hosting costs low and still provide the ability to update content via a web interface.

CASI website thumbnail

This is an example of a fairly quick site that was put together using BlogEngine.NET. One of the included templates was slightly modified for this site and other modifications were integration with an ASP.NET membership provider and the use of Sanibel SSL Redirect to secure the login page.

AICS website thumbnail

The American Indian Curriculum Services website was a basic ASP.NET website which uses XSLT to display to an XML feed from a central events calendar at the university. It also features an email contact form with bot protection via reCAPTCHA.

CCBC website thumbnail

This site is an older site built with classic ASP for the CCBC library. I've been providing support for this since 2007 and have added some functionality to it in the past two years. I implemented full-text searching of the book database for Title, Person (Author, Illustrator, Photographer), or Description. Additionally, an advanced search page allows to use checkboxes for things like age range or genre in combination with searches from the full-text search.

This functionality took advantage of some of the features only available in Microsoft SQL Server 2008+ and were built using stored procedures, so they can be used when the site is rebuilt in ASP.NET.

Art website thumbnail

This departmental site was put online in 2007 as the last in a series of sites built using a custom CMS built in classic ASP. It uses inline SQL queries to talk with Microsoft SQL Server and uses some pieces built in Flash using Actionscript 2 to enhance the UI. I was involved with setting up the videos with Quicktime Streaming Server and tying that into the database. This site is typical of some of the classic ASP sites that I support and is currently being redesigned within the Sitefinity CMS and our new web template.