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Using IIS Manager for Remote Administration

I decided that it was a bit too slow to always use remote desktop into our web servers when I need to adjust something in IIS.

Since we are running IIS 7.5, I knew there was the ability to connect with a local copy of IIS manager to other servers which should save time and add convenience to the process.

My first step, since I already had the IIS features of Windows 7 enabled on my workstation, was to download the IIS extension for remote administration.

Next, I needed to check what was available on the servers that I want to manage.

IIS Management Icons

Management Service is related to setting up the actual service (WMSVC). This includes how users authenticate, using Windows creditials or a mix of Windows and IIS Manager credentials.

IIS Manager Users is a tool to create users, set passwords and determine whether the account is enabled or disabled.

IIS Manager Permissions is a tool to see who has access to what on a site level.

The easy part is **Computer adminstrators are automatically allowed to connect to the server.**

So, in my case, my active directory account should be all that is needed.

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