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Error 0x80070020 while trying to start website in IIS

I was encountering this error today whenever I would try to start a website which was recently bound to port 443. It so happened this server was also on a VM which had been recently shut down and restarted, due to being migrated to a different storage unit.

I searched the error and read what Microsoft had to say about it.

I tried their resolution, but it was not working on our Server 2008 box.

I searched again and found a slightly different version of using netstat on Tech Republic.

I quickly found another process was using port 443 already. Being a dev environment web server, it turned out that it was a copy of Visual SVN which I had experimented with a while ago and for whatever reason the service was running and grabbed the port before IIS could.

I hit the stop button in the Visual SVN Manager and my website started up just fine!

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